Business Advisory

  • A typical assignment may include the following
    • Perform a one off business review of the entity to perform
    • SWOT analysis
    • Stress test
    • Assess its internal control system and recommend best practice to reduce risk and enhance control to safeguard the assets, income and monitor outflows
    • Propose an organisation structure that fits the business
    • Set up a book keeping system with a recognised accounting package such as SAGE or Pastel and will include:
    • Design a chart of accounts tailored to the activity of the company with proper sub accounts to monitor and analyse income and expenditure activity and department wise
  • Generate a monthly profit and loss account as a dashboard to management for control and decision making
  • Work out the needs of management in terms of report required in above and implement a management information system which may include:
    • Profitability report per cost and revenue centre or location
  • Set up an internal control framework to safeguard the assets of the company, secure income and monitor expenditure
  • A forecast and budget system to coerces management to look into future, to outline thorough plans for attaining the objectives for the organisation, to measure effective performance and identify shortcoming to eliminate efficiencies
  • Set up a fixed assets register to keep track of each asset and preventing misappropriation
  • Internal control review, identifying weaknesses and proposed remedial action plan
  • Implement a payroll software to to keep and generate accurate reports on employee income, presence, overtime and compliance to various laws and regulations such as the MRA, NPF, NSF and EWF
  • Eliminate accounting on excel files and duplicate manual records
  • Propose a filing system to safeguard documents

Business Advisory Other Services

  • Prepare quarterly Condensed Financial Statements for publication including consolidation
  • Prepare annual operating plans
  • Identification of Working Capital requirement and forecasted cash flow
  • Advise on a pre MRA audit
  • Advising clients in dealing with assessments from MRA with respect to VAT and TDS
  • Forensic audit
  • Special Audit Assignment on Accounts Receivables ,Inventory and Bank Transactions

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