Statutory Services - Assurance and Attest Services

  • Statutory audit of local companies
  • Audit of companies holding license of GBL1, GBL2 and Fund
  • Audit of GBL 1 companies holder of investment licenses both restricted and unrestricted
  • Preparation and submission of annual return
  • Maintaining register of Directors and Shareholders
  • Filing of accounts
  • Preparation and filing of resolutions
  • Dealing with share transfers queries as and when required
  • Organising and attending board meetings

Audit and Assurance Services

  • Whether you need a statutory audit or you choose to have an audit for other business reasons, you’ll wind up with a far better understanding of your business. Our auditors review your financial operations, make suggestions about improvements and best practice, and help management in identifying and controlling business risks.
  • Firm is a registered firm licensed by the Financial Reporting Council to carry statutory audit as per the Companies Act 2001
  • Member firm of ICAEW and ACCA
  • Credential includes GBL1 Companies, domestic companies. Special licensed companies regulated by the FSC.
  • Partner has 14 years experience with a Big Four Audit Firm

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